My name is Tiffany and I am RavynEdge.

What is RavynEdge? RavynEdge is the essence of Tiffany J. Tinsley. It embodies both my jewelry and artwork. Brought to the world wide web in 2007 along with Unnatural Forces, the unifying entity of all things RavynEdge and The Lycan Knight (my husband, Karl A. Nordman).

About Tiffany: Named after the famous jewelry store, I suppose it is only natural that I would eventually find myself creating jewelry. How did it start? Well, my need to be creative and my blatant disregard for conformity just wouldn't allow me to work in a regular 9 to 5 job. So, I became my own boss.

What began as a simple interest in creating 2D and CGI art eventually evolved into my profession, creating skins and textures for 3D models to be used in programs like Poser and Daz|Studio as well as illustrations to sell as prints. However, it didn't stop there...I began dabbling with jewelry making supplies.

At first I tried to find ways to integrate my images into jewelry, but eventually my jewelry became wearable pieces of art themselves. Yes, I do this for a living! I help provide for my family by working for myself, at home, doing something that I enjoy. Producing things that I feel passionately about provides an outlet for my vivid imagination and desire to create.

About RavynEdge Jewelry: Once upon a time, jewelry was all about showing the world who you were, what you got, and flaunting it brazenly. Jewelry was elegant and that made them feel sophisticated. It was bold and that made them feel confident. It was daring (nude women, oh my!) and that made them feel scandalous.

I am bringing back the romantic mystique of the good ol' days with distinctive adornments for people who challenge conformity and dare to throw off the shackles of modern monotony. Every item is carefully handcrafted by yours truly, using only the best quality materials I can get my twitchy little claws on. Largely influenced by the Victorian era, I create jewelry that incorporates symbolism, romantic curves, and lavish details. I also have a deep passion for natural gemstones (especially moonstones) and use them whenever I can.

By creating jewelry that defies today's minimalist trends, I can help you stand apart from the sea of sameness. Dare to be dramatic, strut your stuff, and make heads turn!

About Tiffany's Art: Lately I have been concentrating mostly on my jewelry works. However, when the mood strikes, I will create such artworks that feature fairies or gothic beauties. What you see in my Art Gallery is mostly 3D, rendered in Poser and postworked in Photoshop. However, I have been known to use Carrara as well as the free 3D application, Daz|Studio, for my rendering.

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Contents and artworks are © Tiffany J. Tinsley of RavynEdge, All rights reserved.