To see which items are available for purchase, please visit my Etsy Shop. If you are interested in jewelry that is labeled as "sold" or if you would like something made especially for you, I will be pleased to create a special order for you. Simply contact me with a commission request.
Keep in mind that due to the handcrafted nature of my jewelry, no two pieces will be exactly alike. Several designs are limited edition or one of a kind.

Legendary Series Pendants
NightFireCrest Of Athena HematiteCrest Of Athena ICrest Of Athena IITreasure Of AtlantisDanse Macabre XDanse Macabre
Spirit Of GaiaEye Of The Phoenix IIEye Of The Phoenix IPale MortalityMortify The Flesh

Swift Flight Gemstone NecklaceLunar Aura NecklaceArise NecklaceReign of Dragons NecklaceUplifted Spirit NecklaceSky Dancer NecklaceAngelic Whispers NecklaceMoonrise NecklaceShield of Honor NecklaceEnchantress NecklaceMoonsong Bib NecklaceLuna's Blessing NecklaceSelene NecklaceChasing Moonlight NecklaceCeltic Moon NecklaceGoddess WithinTime Flutters NecklaceNevermore NecklaceLove StruckSpellbinder MoonstoneCelestial BlossomDivine LoveBella MorteLionheartLavish LaceEternal NecklaceMoriendo RenascorAutumn SunsetZephyr NecklaceSimply Sweet IIChasing Butterflies NecklaceSecrets Revealed NecklaceLuna's MajestyEventideAstral FlightRoyal Secrets PendantWinterbornSpringtimeEyes Of ArgusRegency Arcana PendantCelestial Veil PendantInk Of InspirationDragon's LegacyDreamer's GateSpellbinderScarlet AristocracyWater KingdomVerdantSecretPassionGatekeeperObsessionBlissful Moments NecklaceBeyond the VeilBeyond the Veil of DeathCaptured TearsLove PotionGuarded HeartKeeper Of CuriositiesWhispering Bell NecklaceQuixoticElven MystiqueReflections NecklacePrecious PossessionPacific SirenAquatic MistElven Arcana Small NecklaceElven Arcana Large NecklaceMystic WatersValkyrie's Pride NecklaceCrystal CourtCrimson CourtCrystal OrchidBlack OrchidReign Of DragonsBorn Into RoyaltySwift FlightImmortal RequiemLonely MaidenFlow of EloquenceRegency CrossFires of Eden

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