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Q: I bought an ear cuff from you, but it keeps falling off. Do you have any ear cuff wearing tips or tricks?
A: Yes I do! You can view the instructions on wearing your specific type of ear cuff and additional tips here.

Q: I went to your shop and the item I want has been sold. Can you make me another one just like it?
A: It depends. If it is an older design, it may not be possible. Contact me to make a request. I can sometimes recreate a design, but often I cannot due to the unique nature of the components used to create the jewelry.

Q: I do not live in the United States. Can you ship to my country?
A: I ship to many countries! There are a few countries, like Israel and Mexico, where packages go missing unless you purchase a more expensive shipping option. Please be familiar with the customs laws in your country before you order! Your country may charge additional fees such as customs duty and/or import taxes. The recipient of the merchandise will be required to pay any and all such fees. All purchases will be marked as "Merchandise" on the customs forms. I will NOT mark your purchase as a "gift". This is against US FEDERAL LAW.

Q: I love this design, but I don't like the color crystal. Can you make it in a different color?
A: Many of my pieces can be made in other colors. If you'd like a different metal finish or jewels, you can contact me to ask if it's something that I can do. I require, at the very least, a deposit up front so that I may order materials. Keep reading for more information.

Q: Can you make this design in solid silver or gold?
A: It depends. Any of my newer designs, such as those from the Corvus Collection, can indeed be made in a variety of metals such as sterling silver and solid gold. However, many of my older designs are constructed mainly of brass, sterling silver plated brass, or copper plated brass.

Q: I really like your style. However, I am looking for something very specific. Can you create it for me?
A: Perhaps. Contact me to make a request. Keep reading for more information.

The price of a custom piece of jewelry will vary depending on the requirements for the item. I take into account the size and complexity of the piece, as this will determine how much material I need to create it. If I must design the item, I can estimate the cost, but the final price is not determined until the item is completed. If you set a budget for the project, I will stay within that amount.

Once you have agreed to the quote and we have worked out some of the finer details, I will ask that you make a payment before I begin work so that I may order supplies. The amount of this payment may vary depending on the work to be done, but it is usually 50% of the estimated cost or budget amount of the item. You are welcome to pay the whole amount up front if you wish. When the item is completed, I will require payment of any remaining amount before I send the item to you. PayPal or credit card is the preferred method of payment. I currently accept credit cards through PayPal and ProPay. I will also accept Personal Checks, Travelers Checks, and Money Orders under certain conditions. Payment option must be approved before the deal is finalized. Orders from outside the United States are subject to currency exchange and this may limit the payment options.

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