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23 November, 2010: Rockin' On.
Another update to the Jewelry Gallery and the newest addition to the Commission Gallery features a rock-n-roll themed image.

30 November, 2010: Jewelry Update.
With this huge update to the Jewelry Gallery, I am now caught up to everything I have made and photographed!

01 November, 2010: Pendant Update.
I still have a lot more things to add, but in the meantime there's a little update to Bracelets, Pendants, and Sets in the Jewelry Gallery.

15 September, 2010: Back at the Lair.
The raven and wolf are back at the lair and boy are we exhausted! Dragon*Con was a fantastic show for us and I personally had more fun at the table than I did as an "observer" in previous years. Many thanks to all the conventioners who came by our table, the Art Show coordinators and volunteers, and of course, our friendly table neighbors! What a way to end our convention circuit for this year. Now we can sit back and relax...yeah right!

While I am scrambling to regain my composure, I am preparing to get down and dirty with some commission work and slowly working to get my jewelry up on Etsy. To get things rolling, I managed to update the Necklaces and Pendants in my Jewelry Gallery with a few of my new designs.

31 August, 2010: Dragon*Con.
The Lycan Knight and I had a fun time at Chicago Comic Con. We saw some familar faces from last year and we saw some new faces this year. Thanks to you all for stopping by! We got back a week ago, which hardly seems like enough time to heal our frazzled nerves and get ready for Dragon*Con! For those of you Unnatural fans who are going to Dragon*Con, be sure to look for us at our Artist Bazaar Table BT35 in the Art Show Room (not the Dealer's Room). You will also find our Limited Edition Canvas Prints in Bay LB15C of the Art Show.

02 August, 2010: Huge Jewelry Update.
Thanks to all those Unnatural supporters who came to Anime Expo and made it such a great show for us! Our tickets are already purchased, so we will definately be back next year. We look forward to seeing you all again! I finally finished sorting the photos and making the new pages for the jewelry I made for Anime Expo. If you visit my Jewelry Gallery, you will understand why it took so long...twenty-five new pages to add! Most were sold at the convention, but there are still a handful of amazing pieces that I have made available at my Etsy shop. Next on our plate is the quickly approaching Chicago Comic Con.

Good news for all those interested in RavynEdge commissions. My neck and shoulder are feeling back to normal and I can work on the computer for extended periods of time again. Although, beween my catch-up work, preparations for the upcoming conventions, and the conventions themselves, keep in mind that my turn around time will be longer than usual.

28 June, 2010: Anime Expo.
Only one day before we leave for Anime Expo. We've got so many treasure tins, keyrings, jewelry, t-shirts, and prints, the Lycan Knight and I are sweating over how to fit it all in the car much less our six foot table! Speaking of new prints, I've managed to finish a new one for this show. Check out the Enthralling vampire mistress in my Personal Gallery.

31 May, 2010: More Updates.
The convention schedule above has been updated to reflect the confirmation of our Artist Tables at Anime Expo and Chicago Comic Con. I have also added a bracelet and two rings to the Jewelry Gallery.

11 May, 2010: A Gallery Update.
The Commission Gallery features my newest image. Sadly, due to a lingering shoulder and neck pain that makes working on the computer difficult, I won't be accepting new commission work until it has healed. In the meantime, I have been busy working on jewelry to be ready for our upcomming convention circuit. Above is the our convention schedule for this year. As you can see, the end of Summer and the beginning of Fall will be extremely busy for us!

Also of note, the Lycan Knight has posted some new progress images of my BGC costume on his website. The boots are looking awesome, but walking will test every ounce of balance and stability that I can muster!

20 February, 2010: The News.
This month I have given the Links page a long needed update. You will find that I removed the link for Amethyst Dragon since they sadly had to close their store in Sterling, CO. The good news is that they are looking to open a new store in Pueblo, CO and if they do, you will be sure to find our art and other goodies there! On the other hand, Fantasy Art 4 Sale is a brand new webstore that is selling some of our art and jewelry. Their goal is to provide a single place on the internet for people to find anything fantasy related and we are pleased as punch to be included! Last but certainly not least, I added one of my favorite suppliers of brass filigree, AmberEnvelope. Amber ships from Taiwan, but she writes excellent English and provides terrific customer service.

For those of you who live in Colorado Springs or the surrounding area, stop by Academy Frame Co. and sign up for your chance to win a big bag filled with Unnatural Forces goodies! The bag contains a limited edition canvas print, several open edition prints of various sizes, postcards, tins, pendants, and decals. The "drawing" ends at the end of February, so there's not much time left!

20 January, 2010: Celebrating a New Year.
With the turning of a new year Unnatural Forces begins the fourth year of the website! My first update features the work I did for Jaspin Intereactive which can be found in the Commission Gallery. Also fast upon us is COSine, which is taking place on January 22-24, here in Colorado Springs, CO where we will be participating in the art show. We will have several limited edition canvas prints available as usual and possibly something in the print shop....

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