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24 December, 2008: 2009 Calendars.
The New Year is almost upon us and Unnatural Forces has some wonderful 2009 poster calendars available at my Etsy Store. The large, 13x19 inch posters are available right now at a great price. The smaller 8.5x11 inch posters will be available shortly. This year I have added two fan favorites, Eternally Yours and Psyche's Eyes. Happy Holidays!

06 December, 2008: Etsy and WorldCon Photos.
I know what you are thinking: "Finally an update!" Yes, it has been far too long since my last update. However, it is for good reason...I swear! Karl and I finally tied the knot (that is, we got married)! It was a long time coming, but neither the Lycan Knight or I are terribly ceremonious. Aside from that, we've been working like crazy to get art mailed out to various conventions that we couldn't attend personally. The most recent was LosCon.

I have also been dabbling in the fine art of jewelry making and have set up a store at Etsy. My offerings are modest at the present, but I hope to grow and expand as I learn more. Get there from the Products category or go directly to my Etsy Store.

Lastly, the photos we took at WorldCon are up for viewing here. Despite our camera's poor performance, I hope you will enjoy them. Happy Holidays!

21 August, 2008: DragonCon 2008.
In less than a week, the Lycan Knight and I set out for the gruelling 1400 mile drive to Dragon*Con 2008 in Atlanta, GA! As with WorldCon, we will have limited edition canvas prints in the Art Show and unframed open edition posters and calendars in the Print Shop, many of which aren't available in our online store! We won't have a dealer table at DragonCon this year because they were already booked. Apparently applying for a table 6 months in advance wasn't soon enough! The silver lining is that we can enjoy the many wonderous and amazing events at DragonCon while the Print Shop people sell our products. This year, I'll make sure to bring lots of extra batteries for the camera, so look forward to some pictures!

And speaking of convention pictures, we took a few at WorldCon. I hope to have those up for your viewing pleasure soooooon....

27 July, 2008: WorldCon 2008.
Just in time for WorldCon 2008 (aka Denvention 3) I have completed a new image, Mabushii. It is now available for viewing in my Gallery, so check it out when you get a chance! Mabushii and many of other Unnatural Forces images will be available for purchase at WorldCon as framed limited edition canvas prints (which look fabulous!) in the Art Show as well as unframed open edition posters in the print shop. The Lycan Knight and I will also have a table in the Dealer's Room where we will be selling various sizes of prints, posters, calendars, t-shirts, and other goodies. So, if you happen to be at WorldCon in Denver on August 6-10th, swing by tables 304 and 305 and give us a greeting!

24 June, 2008: June Already.
It's time for a real update, don't you think? I have uploaded a new free wallpaper featuring the anime cutie, Nijihara Ink! I'm not really a fan of the Moetan anime, but I think the characters are adorable. The wallpaper is nothing fancy, but I hope you will enjoy it!

05 May, 2008: Angelyna Wing Textures.
My Angelyna Wing Textures are now available at the ArtZone MarketPlace! On sale for 30% off until May 9th. I think the promo images I made came out really nice. So even if you aren't interested in my textures, you might want to follow the link just to see the promos.

I would also like to mention that the Lycan Knight is illustrating a comic book called Black Angels which was written by my father. Each week, a new page will be unveiled for you to read for free at The Lycan Knight website!

07 April, 2008: Old Ties.
It's been more than six years since I uploaded my first product to Renderosity, but all good things must come to an end. My Renderosity store is now closed for business and most of those products have been retired permanently. Only the fan favorite, my Angelyna Wing Textures, will be resurfacing at ArtZone MarketPlace in the near future. So, keep an eye out if you missed your chance previously!

31 January, 2008: So begins the new year.....
The newest addition to my gallery is sort of an old image. Those of you who are familiar with my Artzone gallery, may recognise it as my avatar....but slightly different. Hopefully better! Check out the gallery for Natural Beauty.

The Lycan Knight and I have big plans, projects, and lots of conventions to attend this year! Our whirlwind convention circuit starts off with the COSine Science Fiction Convention held in Colorado Springs on February 1-3, 2008. It is a humble convention, but it should still be a blast. We discovered it too late to enter the art show, but depending on the artist turnout, we might manage to get a few posters and t-shirts into the print shop. If you happen to be going, dress warmly and keep your eyes open for us!

Lastly, a little reminder that Calendar Posters are now available for purchase at the Unnatural Forces Store!

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