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11 December, 2007: 2008 Calendar Posters available online.
Just in time for the new year, Calendar Posters are now available for purchase at the Unnatural Forces Store! Alongside a beautiful graphic by The Lycan Knight or RavynEdge, there is a 12 month calendar to help you plot your next cunning plan or exciting adventure!

20 November, 2007: Busy, Busy....Farscape Convention News, etc.
It has been much too long since I have updated. I have been busy with some very big and exciting projects...which I unfortunately can't show you yet. However, I do have three updates in my Gallery. Well, devoted fans have undoubtedly seen two of the images before, but my newest creation, Graveyard Reverie, featuring a gothic fairy (something I have wanted to do for ages), hasn't been anywhere online yet. But wait! There's more news....

October was an extremely busy month for The Lycan Knight and me as we were preparing for our first convention as vendors! We made the trip to sunny and warm Burbank, CA for The Final Frellin' Farewell Farscape Convention 2007 which took place on November 2-4. There we sold items like Calendar Posters, Stickers, Magnets, and Key Rings which haven't made an appearance in our online store yet (but soon!) in addition to several posters and t-shirts you can currently purchase. It was lots of fun and the people we met there were great! Even though the preparation was exhausting, I am looking forward to our next convention ....which is likely to be in February 2008 at the CoSine sci-fi convention in Colorado Springs, CO.

16 September, 2007: T-shirts are available!
The headline says it all! Two tees designed by The Lycan Knight are now available at the Unnatural Forces Store for you to purchase and wear with style! You have the choice of Moonrise, the same gorgeous graphic my Lycan and I wore to DragonCon. Or you can frighten the neighbors with Skull Flambe, an amazing flaming demon skull!

10 September, 2007: Our Trip, Photos, & New Wallpaper.
We've returned from our trip to Dragon*Con 2007 quite exhausted and a bit wiser for next time. Let me share with you a few of the lessons we learned....
Lesson Learned #1: Don't drive 1400 miles, attend a huge 4 day convention, and drive back those 1400 miles. 'Nuff said!
Lesson Learned #2: Bring a decent camera and extra batteries for said camera. There were so many amazing costumes to be seen at Dragon*Con. While we weren't able to take as many pictures as we would have liked, we have posted our Trip Photos Here for your viewing enjoyment.
Lesson Learned #3: Allow yourself plenty of time to get anywhere! I don't think I have ever seen so many people in one place before! Trying to get from one event/panel/show to another proved to be quite the adventure.

And on a less jovial note, in the Products section you will find a new free wallpaper.....an image I created to honor the fallen, the survivors, and the heroes of September 11, 2001.

27 August, 2007: DragonCon & Free Wallpaper!
Dragon*Con is only a few days away! Soon my Lycan Knight and I will be drinking gallons of coffee and eating tons of junk food during the long drive between here and Atlanta, GA. If you happen to be attending DragonCon, keep your eyes peeled. You may be able to spot us by recognizing Karl's fabulous art on the shirts we will be wearing!

While I am away, do take some time to visit the Products section. You will probably notice that things look a little different. I made the buttons smaller to accomodate the brand new button for the FREE desktop wallpapers! Right now there is only one wallpaper available for you to download, but expect lots more to come! With the wallpapers I want to experiment and have fun with the many things I don't normally get to do or play with during the course of my normal work day.

11 August, 2007: Lots of news.
Today I have lots of news for you all! First, I have uploaded an image never-before-seen-by-the-general-populace. I actually completed it early this year as a commission for the Scandinavian Fetish Network's entrance graphic. Their website isn't open yet, but I hope you will enjoy the image.

Also notable is the PA Continental Tour Sale being held at Daz3D. As part of this event, my popular Poser products, Kirei na Kanjou, Breathtaking Bishonen, and Bishonen for M2 will be on sale until August 22, 2007!

And on the topic of my Poser content, I wanted to take this time to tell you that Kirei na Kanjou was updated somewhat recently to include Daz|Studio surface materials. See CG Blossom in my Gallery for an artistic render of Kirei in these shaders. Worry not dial-up users, her main installer shouldn't have changed. Instead, there should be an addition of one small D|S content installer. All you need to do to get it is reset your Kirei download in your Daz purchase page. I am unsure of the exact date her files were updated, but if you already have two installers (one with the main content, one with D|S content), you have the update and all is well. However, if you only have the single installer with the usual Poser files, you probably purchased her before the update (or opted not to download the D|S content). Either way, I hope she is providing you with much rendering pleasure!

Lastly, I wanted to remind everyone that we have several polls active in the Unnatural Forces Store. Even if you haven't bought anything from us before, we humbly invite you to participate.

Phew! That's all for now. I am working on several things at the moment, so I anticipate the next update to be an exciting one!

1 August, 2007: Store Polls & DragonCon 2007.
Karl and I are working to expand the store and include more products, but first we want your opinions! Take one poll or take them all. It's up to you. Have fun and thank you so much for your participation!

In other news, Karl and I will be attending DragonCon 2007. The reservations are set in stone so there's no turning back now...not that we would want to! This year, we are going as observers soaking in the sci-fi and fantasy mania. With any luck (and perhaps some extra money), next year we will actually be able to contribute.

1 June, 2007: Brand New Store!
Check out the Products section where you will find Unnatural Forces' brand new store! Selected images from both my gallery and The Lycan Knight's gallery are now available as high quality prints, posters, and postcards. Expect to see more exciting new products as the store grows. We hope you will take a look and perhaps you will find something you like!

23 April, 2007: Links and Banners!
The Links section now has a variety of banners you can use to link to Unnatural Forces. I also added links to my galleries at various art communities in the Contact section. My Renderosity gallery in particular contains some of my (much) older works if you are interested.

27 February, 2007: New Image in the Gallery.
In the Gallery, you will find a personal image I completed called, CG Blossom. This time I used Daz|Studio for rendering and I found the lack of my usual Poser memory issues to be quite refreshing.

3 February, 2007: Gallery Updated.
I updated the gallery today with my image, Organic Curiosity. I completed it in the Summer of 2006 for a contest at www.aerysoul.com. The theme was "Another World" and whatever that meant to us. I chose to show an unusual world where something that we would consider to be normal, is feeling a little out of its element. Organic Curiosity, was the winning image!

5 January, 2007: Website is Launched!
After many months of preparation and anticipation, the website is finally online! Hopefully everything is working as it should....

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